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FG-2 Bandicoot
Categories: Marsilion Armed Forces

A TL6 equivalent monowing fighter plane used by the Marsilion Air Force. Only a handful of them exist, and each of their pilots are specially selected for reaction speed and paranormal abilities. Armed with two 20mm hispano-equivalent magically-enchanted guns on each epileptic wing and a turbo-supercharged, custom built engine, each plane is a work of art, and the local enchanters often work large amounts of magic on them before they ever go out to further boost their performance.

Despite this lofty status, however, the plane is the first one of it's type to be produced on Infinitas, and is still somewhat problematic, with constant design changes and modifications being made. That being said, it flies and fights just fine. Fighter pilots that fly the plane consider it to be a spiritual successor to the Scorpion, and the Marsilion 1st Squadron's theme is shared with [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPgS26ZhqZs Scorpion's old one.]

The Bandicoot can often be seen flying in flights of two above Marsilion's sky, doing training exercises or routine patrols of the airspace around the southern half of the island. They are often extensively customized with nose art, and look roughly like a [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supermarine_Spitfire Spitfire]. The pilots don't mind friendly flyers coming up to say hello, so long as they keep their distance.