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Finding Articles

To find any article on the wiki simply enter the name of part of the article in the search box at the top of the page and click the search button or press enter. The wiki will search for all article with that names.
  1. If one exact match is found that article will be displayed
  2. If additional similar results are found the article will have a link to show all possibile matches
  3. If no exact match is found simliar results will be displayed instead

Editing Articles

Only logged in players, members with approved characters, may edit the wiki.
From an article page a user merely needs to click the Edit Article link at the top of the page under or next to Wiki Tools. This will bring the user to the edit page and allow revisions of the current article.
It is not possible to actually edit old entries. Each edit saves a new revision but all old revisions are still accessable from the Wiki Tool "View Changes".
Changing the categories or title of an article will effect all versions of that article though original names will be stored.

Creating Articles

Creating an artilce is much like editing an article. Click Create Article at the top of the wiki and enter the article name. The wiki will search to make sure the name is unused. If a used name is attempted the wiki will display that article in lieu of creating a new one.


     See main article — Special: Formating
For security purposes HTML and scripts are not allowed and will not be parsed.


Categories are used to group articles in similar themes, such as locations, people, etc.


Some articles have locks in the top right corner. These articles may not be edited without proper authorization.
- All locks and requred editing levels


     See main article — Special: AllCharacters
Characters do not require entries in this wiki. All characters may be displayed as wiki pages using the information stored in their character sheets on the main page.