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Categories: Marsilion Armed Forces

Have a character in the Army or Navy? Looking for roleplaying notes? You may want to look over Marsilion Armed Forces/Roleplaying

Originally from Old Infinitas, the Marsilion Armed Forces (MAF) is the primary peacekeeping and defense force of the Marsilion area. It's a fully volunteer force, though some prisoners also can reduce their sentences with service to the MAF. In addition to defense, it also serves as a civil engineering force, meant to help mitigate damage from disasters, and can help build up the town's infrastructure in times of peace. The MAF consists of roughly 1700 individuals.


The modern Marsilion Armed Forces were formed during the Second Infinitas War, an event which saw the collapse of the old Trade Union, and the uprising of the present leadership of Marsilion. General Daniel Muir was the leader of this uprising, and took command of the forces as they fought to victory in the South.

The MAF adopted many operational doctrines of the Earth-born North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) military forces. While they are still a powerhouse in their own right, they have made themselves subservient to the civilian government of Marsilion. Some time after its inception, General Daniel Muir was migrated out, and General Lance, a former Firewall router and AGI, was put in charge. General Lance favored a slightly more active security doctrine, and has proven able to make good use of the limited resources the MAF has at their disposal.

In the time since their inception, the MAF proved to be quite the capable handlers. They made allies where they could, including a number of dragons from the Dragon Mountain. A few years after their inception, they faced a crisis in the form of the Mainland becoming opened, and one of the cursed dead zones from it appearing within the boundaries of the island, in the badlands. Working quickly, they contained the situation and created a magic array to hold it at bay.

After that incident, they managed to get a strong enough foothold to make the badlands reasonably safe, by taking out problem actors whenever they arose, keeping them from being able to organize into a significant force.

In response to the migration to the new planet, the MAF has focused more on keeping the area around Marsilion secure, unable to muster the resources to clear a larger area of threats.

Infantry Corps

The infantry corps is the largest branch by manpower, and the mainstay of the MAFâ₠http™s peacekeeping capabilities. Often small groups are stationed in outposts or villages. The Infantry corps possesses a large number of highly varied ground vehicles, mainly salvaged from rifts, with a few cobbled together locally. MRAPS, up-armored pickup trucks, technicals, thereâ₠http™s a large variety. Many are equipped with a mounted machine gun or grenade launcher, making them very effective infantry fighting vehicles.

Groups are typically divided up into task forces or companies.

Armor & Artillery Corps

The MAF has a small number of armored assault vehicles, along with a small number of artillery pieces and self propelled artillery vehicles. The division employs about 200 people involved in the operation and maintenance of these vehicles. These vehicles are used sparingly as they are expensive to operate, but their power makes them a force to be reckoned with.

Assets: 2x M2A4 Slammer tanks with advanced Modular Active Protective Systems (MAPS). These vehicles are also fitted with magitech shield generators to protect against magical attacks as well as some physical attacks.

3x M60A3 Patton tanks, retrofitted with MAPS and magitech shield generators, as well as advanced radar and microwave ECM systems.

1x t-72B3 tank, with retrofitted 105mm cannon to be compatible with the rounds the other tanks use, as well as a MAPS setup.

3x T-34-85 Tanks, fitted with basic magitech protection setups.

Artillery: 2x M4 scorcher self propelled artillery vehicles, fitted with MAPS, advanced scrying magic systems for targeting, and a small quadrotor drone launcher each. They also have magical cloaking spells which can be used to hide their positions from enemy artillery, and one has an advanced gauss gun-type launcher which makes the speed of each projectile highly controllable, allowing for multiple shots to be placed on target almost simultaneously.

2x M270 MLRS vehicle, outfitted with much the same equipment as the above.

8x M777 equivalent lightweight towed howitzers.

Air Force

The MAF air force is one of the most highly valued branches of the military. The first plane belonging it it, the Scorpion (a salvaged Bristol Blenheim) proved key in the defeat of the Trade Union by Saber during the Battle of Marsilion. Though the Scorpion was shot down, parts of it were salvaged.

The successor to the Scorpion was the FG-2 Bandicoot, a fixed wing turbocharged propeller multirole fighter aircraft. The MAF produced 15 of these and still uses them.

In addition, the MAF has salvaged a around a half dozen jet turbine based aircraft, as well as several magitech airships and helicopters. Many of the magitech designs are Garlean (FFXIV) derived and quite capable vessels. Theyâ₠http™ve also produced around a dozen bombers, though theyâ₠http™re slow and donâ₠http™t have particularly great payload capacity. Additionally, they have 2 aircraft roughly equivalent to an AC-130 gunship.

The Marsilion Air Force also employs a number of large flying creatures, both sentient and nonsentient, to carry small numbers of troops or weapons around. Things like gryphons, hippogriffs, Great Eagles, or pegasi. The MAF had one of the most advanced navies on the island, though that doesnâ₠http™t say too much. When they found themselves transported to the new world, the only real use for their navy was patrolling the rivers Marsilion found itself along, while being housed in Lake Moriana.

Their flagship is a simple equivalent to a freedom class littoral combat ship. That does make it the strongest ship in the waters around infinitas, but not much compared to a proper nation-stateâ₠http™s military. See the Wiki page for more information. The Tobin was originally built by the Trade union, but was boarded and taken over by members of Saber. After the war, it was commissioned by the MAF navy, and its sister ships completed, with one still under construction.

The Tobin, Freedom, Aegis, Repulse, and Challenger Deep are the main force of the Marsilion Navy, with a varying number smaller boats armed with compact weapons, as well as a number of coastal pillboxes which are manned with decent sized guns. Each Tobin Class employs 75.

Each Tobin Classâ₠http™ armament includes a 75mm electric-powered naval autocannon that fires at 100 RPM at the prow, along with a pair of 20mm anti-air guns at her flanks. A mounted recoilless rifle upon the conning tower and a rear-mounted short range naval SAM system rounds out her armament.

Special Forces

Leader: Colonel Jack Tucker

Special operations consists of small units of highly capable individuals. These units are quite varied, ranging from space marines to demonic shamans. Theyâ₠http™re typically used for smaller operations that require hitting one location hard and fast, rather than as an occupation and security force. Units are typically very well equipped and the individuals possess significantly superhuman abilities.

One such unit: Team Javelin: Lieutenant Camorcha Lakoro, Sergeant Steele, Specialist Korin Pompooki, Master Sergeant Lanner Bronson.

Magic Corps

The magic corps is the most important branch of the MAF. It consists of a large number of casters of a wide variety of magic, and has direct ties to the Generalist Guild in town. This incorporates both offensive, defensive, healing, and support casters. Support casters perform important jobs such as enchanting, fortification, repair, and so on. Healers are able to bring soldiers back from the brink of death, or even beyond it in some rare cases. Offensive mages such as Ashaâ₠http™man and Black Mages are capable of considerable destructive power. Defensive mages can put up spells around platoons to protect them from enemy magic and weapons fire.

The Magic Corps is technically considered a subset of the Special Forces, but operationally it acts like its own service, providing mages to units as needed.

Auxiliary Corps

Leader: Colonel Gallus Lupicinius (human)

The Auxiliary Corps is basically the MAFâ₠http™s equivalent of an adventurerâ₠http™s guild. It hires on numerous capable, but irregular forces for odd jobs or bounties. Theyâ₠http™re not typically trusted with much in the way of sensitive intelligence, but their capabilities and willingness to employ force make them useful nonetheless.


Fuel and gunpowder can be provided with advanced chemistry knowledge, or even alchemy. Ammunition is produced in bulk, using smokeless powder or cordite more often than not these days. With knowledge of things like the Haber process, needing to use primitive methods of producing nitrates for explosives like saltpeter is not required anymore. Metals are still expensive, but use of substitutes like alumiron (a lightweight strong alloy of Aluminum and Steel) can replace harder to attain materials like titanium. The MAF is constantly working on developing new methods to supply their vehicles and troops with better equipment, and have contributed significantly to the technological advance of the south in the last decade.


The young Armed Forces is always recruiting. Check the military section of the Jobs link, as there's quite a lot of them available in the armed forces.