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This article contains information from before The Great Migration

As such this article no longer contains relevant infomation to current play.
It is being preserved for legacy reading reasons only.
Categories: Old Infinitas

This village is inhabited almost exclusively by various fox-morphs. It has a population of 88, and its economy is highly dependent on the sale of their main product, refined liquor. â httpœVulpine Vodkaâ http is their biggest export, and can be found in bars and taverns all over the island.

The village itself, in addition to homes, has 2 bars, a distillery, and a general hall where festivities, parties, and meetings are held.

The village homes are all timber and stone, a few homes are two stories, but most of them are one story with a basement.

Its main roads crisscross in the center of town. The North-south one leads between Marsilion and the Northern cities, the East-west one goes to Glass Scale in the East, the place they import their bottles from, and Lepus in the West, their neighboring village.