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The Great Migration
Categories: Events

The Great Migration a was a large plot and setting changing event implemented early in 2018.

The Event

Huge migrants swallowed up the town of Marsilion from the island it was once on. The town was split up and deposited on a new world.

It was not a smooth transition, the town was rearranged and people and places didn't arrive at the same time. Some years ahead, some years after, and anything in between. Some never made it at all, and some were left behind.



During The Kingdom of Ankhurtz the change in reality caused a built up breach and migrant energy to overflow and sweep over the region all at once. This causes the massive migrants to remove the city and much of the surrounding land.


This migration was to remove old baggage from the previous administration the current Game Masters did not know how to do deal with or utilize, and thus reset to a blank and clean slate.

This was also an opportunity for players to remove inactive or unwanted characters by leaving them behind. However the option to bring them back later was established by the temporal displacements, as they can arrive extremely late.

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Wiki Cleanup

While this event was done to clean up old baggage there is still old and irrelevant information on this wiki and forum. Any article found with old information should have the category old_infinitas added to mark it as such.