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Welcome Centers
Categories: Location

The Infinitas Welcome Centers are establishments that have been constructed for as long as the current civilization has existed on Infinitas. As the majority of the population comes through via migrants, they are viewed as a necessity and are paid for with tax-payer money.


The welcome centers are designed to give any sentient newcomer the tools they need to understand what just happened to them, what to expect, and what they can do now. They have many informative videos on the subject of migrants, magic, and technology. These videos come with varying levels of detail. They also are the biggest employer of mages who are good at linguistic spells (Such as the ever useful tongues spell).

The welcome center provides many kinds of food. Some of the staff is capable of creating food magically for the occasional arrival with an odd digestive tract. They also offer basic housing, often in multi-person apartments. The parameters of these apartments vary so as to accommodate the wide variety of needs found in the incoming population. This way, even a person who is left destitute by way of leaving everything behind when they come in via migrant won't have to live in the streets. However, they like to stress that living in the welcome center apartments should be a temporary situation and will help provide the means for people to find homes elsewhere in the city.

The welcome centers also will help people find meaningful jobs in the city or even in neighboring cities. They are good at filling slots for all skill levels, from barely sentient to hyperintelligent artificial lifeform. Most businesses that are looking to hire usually go to the welcome center first and make a job listing. The welcome centers act sort of like a temp agency in this regard, able to recommend people to positions, and if it works out, release them to the new employer.

Gameplay Information

The welcome centers are basically the first stop for any new character. They can fill you in on basically all the information available in this wiki, if your character has the patience to learn it all. They allow you, as a player, to hand wave your character into a home and job without too much hassle. Though that can still be played out if you so desire. They also give your character some starting cash, and basic explanations of magic and technology. Whether they are believed is up to the player.