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The Ishkar Tribe

Population: 660
Leader: Draghar Ishkar

The Ishkar Tribe lives furthest to the East from Bastille Wall and are the most technologically advanced tribe of the three. They have in possession very primitive muskets and gunpowder rockets and are constantly pushing the envelope of how far their promise will let them go. They are also the smallest of the three tribes, partially due to a low birth rate and unfavorable recruitment from the Crimson Court.

Most of all, they are focused on academic study and have a very technocratic organization, with the leader of the tribe being known as the head librarian. It is to be noted that most of those recruited whom were human in the years after the initial wave joined the Ishkar tribe; thus almost all of its population tend to be the most human-like compared to the other two tribes.

Leadership in the tribe is not by a single person, but instead by an academic council of 9 individuals, whom represent the most knowledgeable members of their respective field(s). When a member dies, it is usually those that they are mentoring must come before the rest of the council and prove their case to take their seat. Only the wisest and most intelligent are allowed on.

â₠http¢ Most friendly to foreigners â₠http“ it has an entire section dedicated to visitors
â₠http¢ Most friendly to forced recruits â₠http“ welcomes them with open arms and provides support
â₠http¢ Most hostile to the crimson court â₠http“ constantly challenges the promises
â₠http¢ Least number of front-line fighters
â₠http¢ Least reliance on the Crimson Court for magic
â₠http¢ Most number of mages and high magic users
â₠http¢ In possession of great arcane knowledge, including a mageâ₠http™s library
â₠http¢ Fewest feral members