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The Raja Tribe

The Raja Tribe
Population: 800
Leader: Askar

The Raja tribe are the oldest of the Ucharans, having been the original village to be formed apart from Bastille Wall. They act as the more religious members of the Ucharans, worshipping all manor of idols from effigies of Mittens to various animalistic and forest spirits. This is a tribe that is steeped in superstition, religion and tradition.

Their greatest honor is that of the history they have recorded â₠http“ for Marie had, during the last many years of the pair â₠http“ ordered them to transcribe as much of her knowledge as possible so that future generations may avail of it. The great library of the Raja tribe holds these works, which are regularly consulted by not just their tribe but the other two as well to learn of tactics or solutions that either Mittens or Marie may have imparted.

Their organization is a roughly shamanistic type of system, with the head being the Caretaker; a figure whom is responsible for the maintenance of Mittenâ₠http™s tomb and is said to be able to still communicate or commune with the â₠http˜spiritâ₠http™ of the tribeâ₠http™s founder. It is hard to tell however if this is genuine communication or merely the fevered dreams that come from the various hallucinogenics they imbibe as part of their rituals.

Power is generally monarchic and hereditary, with it being handed down from generation of Caretaker to generation, with occasional changes made by a council of village elders in case no successor can be found.

It is to be noted that the Raja tribe is the main source of Emissaries that go out into the world to recruit individuals for the tribe. The twenty emmisaries, should they gather back in the village, hold greater authority than the caretaker and can chose a completely new one should they find his or her service to be unsatisfactory.

As of currently, Mitten's spirit resides in his Tomb within the Raja tribe. Though he is considered the head of all tribes, he has delegated authority to the champion of Bastille Wall and acts only as an advisory.

â₠http¢ Most ancient historical knowledge of not just the tribes but of the lands surrounding
â₠http¢ Most connection to the Feywilds, capable of navigating it with ease
â₠http¢ Most religious of the group, worshipping many forest or wild spirits, along with the Crismson Queen, Mittens and Marie
â₠http¢ Great divine support, best source of magical healing in the three villages
â₠http¢ Bizzare traditions can be very difficult to understand for foreigners
â₠http¢ Most backwards, socially