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Categories: Phenomenon

Breaches are tears in reality, caused by reminiscent power in the war of the gods and demons. Breaches form pathways, that can connect anywhere, and any when. They can cross from one dimension to another, one universe to another, or stay confined to a single plane of existence, even the same world.


A red breach forming and closing
Breaches are naturally forming, they open for anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes without warning, then close and leave no trace. While they are open anyone or anything can travel through them. They can be any size.

Breaches form the same way. They start as a point of light which widens into a glowing line. then with a tremendous tearing sound they rip open into a jagged glowing hole. After some time passes they snap shut abruptly, severing anything partway through them.

Breaches tend to have a wavering mirage like effect on their edge shortly before they snap shot.


Breaches are color coded, the color of the breach indicating the behavior it will exhibit.

Common Colors

These are the four more common colors that will appear.


The most common color. Blue breaches serve as a simple gateway through which any matter or energy may pass through in either direction. Blue breaches are see through, only being blue on the edges.
User Image
A blue breach


Yellow breaches are similar to blue breaches, except they only have one way passage. They created a powerful suction, pulling things through in that one direction. The bigger the breach, the more force it pulls with.

(This pulling force is not a vacuum but behaves as such. It is formed from the energy that creates the breach so it functions in atmosphere, under water, in space, etc.)


Red breaches are mutative. Anything, living or not, that passes through them will be altered. The mutation is complete and permanent, leaving no trace of the original being. It will not effect a character's mind/soul however.

Red breaches pick up forms from other realities they pass by in the multiverse. As such any species exists one becomes exists in another dimension and its possible for migrant/breach to go to that place at a later date.


Black breaches only effect disembodies spirits. Usually in the form of the recently deceased. A black breach will generate a new body for the spirit, bringing them back to life at the destination.

The body created is based on one of three criteria
  1. The original body, healed and at peak condition
  2. A person's spirit image. This is what they see themselves as. Usually the same as they were, but if they were transformed this normally is their birth form. Exceptions exist.
  3. The new body is based on the last living thing they thouht about.
Like with red breaches, the changes are complete and permanent, leaving no trace of the original form.[/spoiler]

Uncommon Colors

There are two further rare colors that are known to occur. Both of these types of breaches will always create an Echo breach in 150 hours.


When something travels from universe to universe it holds traces of each universe on itself. For most characters on infinitas this means their original world and infinitas. Though if they have been to other universes (either before or through offworld trips) they have more options.

When a breach forms near a person, it has a very very slim chance to "lock on" to this trace and the other end will go to near where the person left from. The breach will turn brown and open, forcing the individual locked onto through. Anyone/anything else in the vicinity may use the brown breach like a normal blue one.

This can also take Red Breach mutatees to the place they got their form from.


Purple breaches are a mutative breach that may have a suction effect to them like a yellow breach. they pull things through and change them into stuff from the vicinity of the destination end.

A purple breach will normally, but not always, undo the changes when the person passes through the echo breach to return. That is unless the echo is red.


It is possible to artificially create a breach. These will be far quieter then then natural counterparts and controlling the other end is difficult, nearly impossible for cross universe. Creating one requires a tremendous amount of power. Artificial breaches behave like blue breaches and are always white in color.


Breaches are seemingly completely random. There is no known force which can willingly create them or halt them. This means that no matter who your character is or who they know, they cannot come into Infinitas of their own volition. There is no prep time, and no warning. (There are exceptions, but those are taken on a case-by-case basis by the GMs.)

Blue breaches are 2 way, but a blind leap. A red breach can be 2 way if there's no force being exerted on it, but it still will transform someone who passes through.

Breaches conserve momentum passing through them and a character can keep walking or moving through one, or in the case of a yellow, even come flying out. The exception is in the case of a black breach, in which the entity will simply tumble out a walking pace.

Migrants don't tend to place you in situations that would immediately kill you (For example, they don't deposit you in the vacuum of space). However, they can place you in situations of somewhat immediate peril. Such as in the vicinity of an angry dragon, in ice cold water, or high up in the air (Though that is extremely rare).

Breaches tend to form in like mediums (vacuum in vacuum, air in air, water in water, solid in solid) and like worlds (Earth like and Earth like) but are not restricted to this behavior.

The edge of a breach tends to act like a very thin, solid immovable wall forming a physical barrier.

OOC Behavior

Breaches are primarily used as plot devices to both ferry in new characters and spice up days with random events. They also can bring in items which may spur plots or just be added to someone's collection. If you are planning anything major with a breach it must be run past a Game Master or Operator first.

While ICly breaches are capable of outright killing characters through bad placement or bringing in setting destroying items, such as a black hole, this is prevented OOCly to preserve the RP environment and maintain play. Its described as that coincidence not taking place yet.


Breaches can be attracted to strong energy fields. Such as migrants, wormholes, teleports, and most often other breaches.

When a breach closes there can be enough left over energy to form a second breach in the same spots. This phenomenon is known as Echoing. Echo breaches can form anywhere from minutes to years later in the exact same spot on both ends, and can be any of the natural breach colors. A location is not limited to a single echo, as the leftover energy of the echo can attract yet another breach to cause subsequent echos until a weak one forms, ending the chain. For other common transdimensional phenomenon see Migrants.
For character arrival see Migration.