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Crystal Pillars
Categories: Phenomenon

Scattered throughout the new continent is the occasional pillar made of crystal. The name 'pillar' is potentially misleading since they are not uniform in size/shape, are not perfectly geometric, and sometimes don't even look like pillars. Rather, they tend to look like uncut gems with all surfaces flat in facets. Some are taller than they are wide, some will be closer to circles than pillars or laying on their sides, but all share various properties of being impossible to mar or move. Even digging out the ground from around one completely will leave it hanging in the air and indeed some start out hanging in the air. These pillars come in varying colors, but all will in some ways or other transport anything that touches it to another place/time in potentially another universe (assuming the thing touching it has been to some other universe before).

Blue: Blue pillars are nearly transparent and can only be called blue because anything seen through them is tinted blue. Blue pillars will also have an anchored pillar on the other side which can be used to freely return.
Red: Red pillars are opaque, but when touched will send you to another universe turning anything that passes through it into something of similar pattern/function from the universe being sent to. There is no anchored pillar on the other side, but anything that comes through can return to the same location and go back through to the side it started on. Living things are able to perceive a ghostly version of the pillar to mark where they came in.
Yellow: Yellow pillars always come in pairs. One of them will exert a strong pull on anything able to travel through it and the other will create a strong push. Both are opaque and anchored on the other end. Proximity and relative location to each other may vary, but both ends will always be within a few miles of each other.
Black: ??? It kills you? Puts you in a coma? Only those already dead can use them?
Sometimes other in between colors such as purple, green, and orange may be seen. These will have properties of both colors making them up.

Current known locations:
A couple are reported to exist south-west of Marsilon in the Feywild. These have not been explored thoroughly so destinations are not well known.