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Tribeless of Bastille Wall

Tribeless of the Bastille Wall
Population: 400

It is to be noted that there is a 4th, unofficial tribe of the Ucharans: that of those whom live on Bastille Wall. Essentially every year each tribe sends soldiers to the Bastille Wall, where they leave behind their ideologies and disagreements in order to focus on the task of defending their civilization from the Demon Horde from the other side.

Officially, the Champion of Bastille Wall is the true leader of all Ucharans â₠http“ and his orders are easily equivalent to that of Mittensâ₠http™ in the case of any conflict, with being only lower than that of the queen of the crimson court herself. In essence, he is responsible for the fate of the Ucharan people on the Overworld. The Champion is appointed directly by the Queen and holds the keys to the gate.

Bastille Wall itself is a massive fortress, with thick walls, the Ucharanâ₠http™s only cannons and a long network of Wards that stretch across the gap between the mountains. It is also the first line of defense for the Crimson Court against the demon hordes that wander the badlands outside. Occasionally they will muster counter-raids into demon territory, usually on rescue missions or to sabotage any plans that they can.