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Queen Vandella
Categories: Major Npc

Queen Vandella
Usual Appearance:
Anthro Gazelle, around 5'6'' tall without antlers, which add another foot. She's usually dressed in a fair bit of fashionable clothes, which can range from very revealing to quiet modest depending on her mood. Her eyes are a deep blue and very reflective, while she has a head of hair on top of the fur, which is a silver that drapes down to her shoulders - though often is tied up in many different ways depending on her mood.

General Profile
A powerful Fey lord, Vandella is different from her many counterparts in that she has a sharply curious mind drawn towards the Overworld. While her contemporaries may indulge in unbridled hedonism, she is more focused more towards study and understanding. She pursues this with an almost ruthless and fanatical devotion, her research of magic and the â₠http˜boredomâ₠http™ of the Overworld often driving strange and unusual experiments at the cost of her subjects.

In terms of rulership, she does so with an iron fist from afar, ensuring her advisors follow her whims while she remains undisturbed in her research. In direct administration, she is not fair as Vandella focuses on her own self-interests first; but she is not cruel either, often providing some compromise or consolation to those she may wrong.

Strangely, she is also a fan of pomp and circumstance, preferring lavish rituals and complicated court affairs â₠http“ partially to entertain the courtesans and ministers, partially for her own enjoyment and revelry. This however does mean that those that do not obey the rules of the court and defile her proceedings tend to suffer the brunt of her anger.