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Emissaries of the Ucharan Tribe

Emissaries: the double-edged sword of Ban Uchar

Emissaries are in many ways the representatives of the Ucharan tribes to the outside overworld. They act as recruiters, diplomats and priests all in one. More often than not they will trek towards the Feywild, to exit near populations where they will setup shrines or temples to Mittens and the Court of the Crimson Sun.

Within the walls of these Shrines they will offer services such as healing, shelter and advise to those seeking aid. All the while they will also attempt to recruit for the tribe, looking for those that are disenfranchised, the adventurous, the desperate, the old and the weary.

Though not predatory in nature (though they are lions), they will offer the service to the Crimson Queen usually as a means of redemption, escape, regeneration or indeed simply life extension given that they are given completely new bodies with which to fight on the wall or with the tribes.

They also will in many ways trade and do what they can to get resources or favorable information for the tribes or the queen, acting as foreign agents in many ways. They also offer counseling and information services to those that have been forcefully recruited into the tribe via the Feywild court members; informing them on their options for leaving, the perpetual clauses and so forth while also providing emotional support to those that may be traumatized by the experience.

Emissaries are not malevolent by any means; however they are to be considered the equivalent of army recruiters. They have the interest of the tribe above all and will focus on getting as many bodies there as they can manage without being kicked out of their respective civilizations / villages. How they accomplish this can vary from Emissary to Emissary, but usually it is more subtle than overt. As per Mitten/Marieâ₠http™s decree, they will not force individuals against their wills either (though subterfuge is not entirely out of the window that said).

There are currently twenty three Emissaries operational in the over world. Additional ones are sent out once new civilizations or villages migrant in. It is to be noted that each Emissary is capable of significant feats of divine magic, powered directly by the Crimson court. Part of this is the act of recruitment, which draws and replaces the body of an individual completely with that of a lionâ₠http™s â₠http“ though the final form and type of lion is random.

Once a person is recruited they become a magical creature and are then bound to all the promises of the Ucharan tribes as they have joined it. They instantly gain all the abilities associated with the Ucharan promises as well â₠http“ but this may take a long time for them to not only master but to even learn and understand. These Initiates, recruits or freshly bound depending on what you want to call them usually have a long learning and adaptation period to their new bodies as well, after which they will join a small group that will head to the Crimson Court with the Emissary, after which they will meet the queen and then join the tribe proper.