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Ucharan Instincts and Compulsions

Regardless of what form they get, all Ucharan recruits gain the following instincts as part of joining the tribe. These are to be noted as suggestions towards behaviors, as individuals will always vary:

â₠http¢ An Ucharan will always feel most comfortable when in the presence of a group of others. These need not be Ucharans â₠http“ but being alone for an extended period of time is an experience that brings with it significant discomfort.
o This instinct is particularly strong in females of the species, whom will have significant urges to congregate with other females be they Ucharan or otherwise. The only exception is during pregnancy and birth, at which point females will tend to only be within smaller closed circles and especially away from males.
â₠http¢ There is a strong sense of territory and respect between different prides. Though the society is utilitarian, families have possessions that are fiercely guarded, which in turn can bring up conflict when there is perceived trespassing.
â₠http¢ Ucharans have a strong sense of smell and scent and they use this to a large degree when it comes to their daily lives. Marking territory, investigating strange scents, tracking down prey â₠http“ exploring the world of smell for them is like exploring pieces of visual art for humans.
â₠http¢ They tend to congregate into large prides and families â₠http“ though unlike their wild counterparts, lack the patriarchal structure. Most families can be run by either male or female Ucharans and are usually considered as pride leaders. Either way, the structure is definitely geared towards communal living in homes and quarters.
â₠http¢ They have an innate desire to hunt (unless with the herbivorous mutation) and enjoy the act of stalking and then hunting prey greatly. Doubly so if it involves a team effort.
â₠http¢ They have the cat-like tendency of â₠httpœIf it fits, I sitsâ₠http, preferring nice, enclosed spaces where they can relax.
â₠http¢ Similarly they can tend to be very curious and outgoing, with a compulsion to explore unusual scents, sights and creatures.
â₠http¢ They have a great distrust of hyenas and any hyenid build creature. While this can be overcome, it is a bias that exists and is rooted deep to the core.
â₠http¢ One of their greatest vices is that of Sloth. If given the chance to laze and sleep, an Ucharan can sleep up to 20 hours in a day, especially males. Female Ucharans tend to be more active, though they too can fall victim to sloth.

In addition to the above, their association with the court of the crimson sun has given them some extreme compulsions. These compulsions can be overcome with enough will, but resonate strongly in their mental makeups:
â₠http¢ An Ucharan is compelled to not use advanced technology above pre-industrial era. Any attempt to do so simply does not work as their minds play tricks on them. Computers require hen picking typing while they cant comprehend the instructions or menus (imagine an old man on it), while they similarly cannot get their heads around how to maintain weapons or even how engineered equipment may work. This compulsion slash inability can be worked around, but there is a strong counter-pressure against it, especially as it approaches the borders of where it may begin to breach the contract.
â₠http¢ They are powerfully compelled to obey the orders of Queen Vandella when in her direct presence. This compulsion can only be overridden when in the presence of either Mittens or the Champion of Bastille Wall. Note: in case of promises, the compulsion will weaken significantly before they commit to a promise.
â₠http¢ They are powerfully compelled to obey the rules of the Crimson Court while in it.
o They will never enter the court without a proper state of attire suitable to them unless there is no other visible choice
o They will never defile or dirty the court grounds knowingly
o They will always address the queen as her majesty and only speak to her when she has given them permission to do so.
o They will always address a member of the inner circle as Lord or Lady and will not interrupt their conversations unless silence results in a breach of contract.
o They will observe all rituals and ceremonies of the court while they are there to the best of their ability.
â₠http¢ When faced with any confirmed traitors that have breached the contract, they will have a strong compulsion to attack them, hunt them down, capture or kill them as long as it does not result in their own death.
â₠http¢ When in the presence of the Queen and she is in any visual danger, they will act to protect her in whatever way they can at the cost of their own lives.