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The Contract Between Mittens and Vandella

The Contract

The contract between the tribes of Ban Uchar and Vandella is a complicated one, but its basic tenets can be associated as the below rough clauses:

a) Any member that joins the Ucharan tribe cannot voluntarily harm or allow harm to come to the Queen of the Crimson Court or Vandella.
b) In absence of the chosen Ucharan champion, the innermost circle of the Crimson Court and the Queen have the right to command Ucharan forces into combat in the Feywild or outside of it.
c) Anyone that joins the Ucharan tribe must be some form of lion, jaguar or cheetah. If they are not any of these at the time of joining, they will be changed into that form either in the Overworld or in the Feywild.
d) The Ucharan tribe dedicate themselves towards the defense of the gate of Savannah hill between the Overworld and the Court of the Crimson Sun and by extension pledge to defend the Court of the Crimson Sun with their lives if need be.
e) The Crimson Court will not interfere with the inner workings or running of the Ucharan tribes except where it may directly result in risk towards the failure of clause (d).
f) The Ucharan Tribes will hunt down and kill those that chose to violate this agreement without first completing the requirements in the exit clauses or those that fail to fulfill the perpetual clauses except where such an action may result in risk towards the failure of clause (d).
g) This agreement may be arbitrated and changed after 4,000 years in the Overworld so that it may match changing cultural or geophysical situations that arise due to emergent conditions.
h) Recruitment of individuals into the tribes will be done by Ucharan Emissaries in the Overworld and by the Crimson Court in the Feywilds. There is to be no overlap of recruitment initiatives.
i) All Ucharans, past, present or future, will be eligible for the exit clauses stated in section (J) and upon completing those exit clauses may chose to leave the contract without prejudice as long as they fulfill their perpetual clauses in the stipulated time frame afterwards.
j) All Ucharans are eligible to leave this contract should they meet any 3 of the following conditions during their service to the Court of the Crimson Sun:
a. Killed a minimum of 1,000 Demons during their service.
b. Killed three larger demons or demon overlords.
c. Has served at least 25 years on Bastille Wall.
d. Has successfully given birth to or helped raise 10 children to adulthood.
e. Has become physically or mentally crippled to the point of non-functionality.
f. Served at least 10 years as guard in the Feywild.
g. Has reached the age of 65.
h. Has recruited at least 200 individuals into the tribe.
i. Has reached an achievement worthy of note from the Inner Court.
j. Has reached an achievement worthy of note from the champion of Bastille Wall.
k) All Ucharans while serving for the Court of the Crimson Sun may not research, maintain or develop any level of technology above that of early human pre-industrial equivalent at the very most with steam power being the highest level of technology they can achieve.
l) In exchange, the Crimson Court will treat all Ucharan tribe members as nobility in the Court of the Crimson Sun should they chose to settle there.
m) All Ucharans will receive a large level of guidance and navigational assistance while in the Feywild, so they may never get lost. All will be able to find their way to the Crimson Court and when dealing with other Seelie courts, will count as members of the Crimson Court.
n) Magically inclined Ucharans will be allowed to tap into the power of the Court of the Crimson Sun to cast low level restoration, healing and enhancement spells, with higher level spells requiring permission from the Champion of Bastille or the Inner Circle in a streamlined process.
o) All Ucharans that exit the contract are liable for the following perpetual terms:
a. One child (adopted or blood) must join the Ucharan tribes upon reaching adulthood OR,
b. A tithe of 150 Kilograms of meat must be given at each full moon to Bastille Wall Ucharan tribe for as long as they are living within 600 km of it.
c. They will never knowingly associate with demons or divulge any information of the tribes or the crimson court to demons or people directly associated or aligned with demons.
d. They may not recruit for the crimson court or claim to represent it in any way.
e. Should they not live in the Ucharan tribes, they may not divulge information on how to enter the Crimson Court or any of its proceedings to non-fey mortals.
f. They are bound to not interfere with the work of either Crimson Court recruiters or Ucharan Emissaries.

Anyone that accepts the contract, be it in the over world or in the underworld, will soon after be transformed into a lion. The exact nature and form of this lion can vary â₠http“ it is still not entirely understood what causes the changes, but it can be anywhere from a fully feral form to simply having a human body with a lionâ₠http™s head, fur and tail to somewhere in between. The form is always guaranteed to be fully functional at a minimum however.

Once changed, individuals that are still beholden to the contract and have not exited it have a permanent tattoo of the Crimson Court on their body (the exact location is random, but it is usually in a reasonably visible spot). This tattoo is only removed once they have exited the contract.