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Mitten's Letter

The letter to Thomas unfolds magically to a large A3-sized sheet. To the bottomr ight corner is the ink impression of a lion's paw.

Hello Thomas,

My memories are not very coherent these days. Things come, things go, but there are a few constants that stick with me. Amongst them were the short disagreements we had on things. I know you disapproved of my choice of life and desires, and I know you will disapprove of my decisions to ally with the Fae when you hear about it.

I just want to say that I understand where you were coming from - and my experiences with the queen has only validated some of your concerns. The leash of words and promises around my neck does sometime become tighter than I am comfortable with and I suspect it was and is a similar experience that you have.

Still, I am happy and content. Ultimately, that is what matters most. Even in my current state as my body fails, I find myself largely at peace with my decisions. I hope that one day you will find peace with yours.

One of the other things I remember is the kindness you showed in helping to rescue me all those many years ago. I never figured out a way to properly repay you for what you did. Without that, I would not have survived long enough to be where I am now.

I still do not know how to thank you - but I am aware that it remains as a favor that will hang unto this day. I have attached to this letter a grant confirming that you have a favor from the Uchar tribe, which can be claimed either within the Overworld or within the Feywilds by Queen Vandella. If it is within their power to grant, they will do so.

Yours sincerely,
Mittens Mane,
Servant to Alice,
Ally of the Court of the Crimson Sun

A second section has been added to the above letter, in much more recent ink as a post script:

You are always welcome in the Ucharan lands. My spirit rests within the monastry of the Raja tribe, where the crypt has kept my mind...intact...mostly. Feel free to visit any time you wish. If you wish to reply, simply write a letter and give it to any of my emissaries. They will send it back to Uchar post-haste. Do not fear the Queen, but be wary of her all the same."