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Ijjouti the Sea Dragoness

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Originally from Golarion, Ijjouti is a 894 year old dragoness whom moved from the tower to the Ocean due west of Marsillion. She is not interested in the fate of most land-based mortals and prefers to instead remain in the water as much as possible. She is aloof and self-absorbed, rarely caring much about even other dragons except when it suits her needs. She has established an underwater kingdom below the coast, having 'recruited' many Sahaugin and Merfolk into working for her.

Notably though she may not care much she is not overly cruel and does understand her obligations to other dragonkin (even if she is loathe to actually do much about it). In particular she has a debt to Nihilanth, whom helped carry her from the tower to the water, given she was only capable of limited flight and the distance was too great initially. She hoards precious metals such as Gold, Silver, Tungsten, etc with a particular taste for corrosion resistant metals that can last long under water and resist salt buildup.