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Character: Solaria Starwisp

Solaria Starwisp
NicknameSolaria, Sol
SpeciesAdvanced Starwisp
Age~130 years since last rejuvenation
GenderOstensibly Female
LanguagesStarwisp - Several variants. Unique to starwisps this language changes with the collective, however there are many fallback versions of the language allowing estranged starwisps to communicate.
Common - Mid-late 20th century.
Draconic - Partially know 3 versions of it, only a select set of important words are known.
Fey - Partial knowledge of fey languages, only select words are known.
SSTV - (currently too corrupted to use) Slow-scan TV transmission protocol. Able to transmit and receive images. This functionality is currently too corrupt to make proper use of as Solaria forgot most of the protocol over many years.
Morse Code - A subsystem can translate Morse Code for Solaria if she actively acknowledges she's hearing the code being transmitted.
PlayerDavwyn and Solaria
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Starwisp (true form)

A curious creature that appears to float effortlessly that is a beautiful, glowing, and perhaps slightly eerie looking softly glowing ball of plasma, typically encased within an egg-shaped crystal shell made up of rhombus diamond facets giving the immediate impression of a will-o-wisp or some kind of magical crystal artifact; but neither is the case. The creature is effectively a tiny star with free will, a species called "Starwisp".

The core:

Solaria's body is made up of two tiny ball-shaped semi-hollow super-conductor cores that spin at incredible speeds. Around them, a fine crystal lattice is formed into complex webbed structures resembling that of neurons in a brain surround the cores giving the creature minimum physical structure. These details however are hidden from the naked eye due to a large mass of plasma held together by perfectly balanced and complex magnetic fields that cancel each other out beyond the surface of her body creating an incredibly dense ball of plasma of which the plasma itself is considered a major component of the creature's actual 'body'.

The body:

Solaria's plasma body is mostly white but has wisps of colour that slowly swirl around of violet, blue, purple, and a bit of green and yellow. The colours shift in hue rapidly seemingly with purpose whenever Solaria's 'expression' changes, in which only those who have been around her for a while eventually learn to identify what complex combinations of colours mean. The outer edges of her glow also bounce up and down with her voice when she speaks giving visual cue when talking.

Solaria doesn't appear to have any kind of traditional body parts. To even give the impression she is looking in someone's direction, Solaria concentrates a slightly more solid-looking chunk of white plasma towards the side of her body she is 'looking', almost appearing to be leaning towards them in the crystal shell.

Even without the shell, Solaria has a field just above the surface of her plasma that pushes against anything too close, the power of which ramps up the closer the object gets, like the effect one feels when pushing two magnets of the same pole towards each other. This effect is strong enough to prevent casual attempts of creatures touching her incredibly hot plasma body, deflect rain and snow, and even push water away making a bubble at very shallow depths. If one were to attempt to touch Solaria, they would feel an electrical tingling sensation push against their hand. A person could technically pick up Solaria's plasma body by doing a scooping motion with both hands in which Solaria's body would naturally float above their hands by repulsion. Any attempt to grab however would just push Solaria and/or the person's hand away. An aggressive attempt to grab or puncture may cause moderate to severe burns, or even incineration if the person penetrates deep enough to touch the plasma within. This too will hurt the starwisp.

The outer-most plasma is 'cool-plasma' starting around 11,000F (6,093C) and slowly increases in temperature closer towards the core in the centre. In the absolute middle of the core in an incredibly tiny space the plasma skyrockets to an insane temperature of 179,999,540F (99,999,726C) which is hotter than even the core of the sun in which particle fusion takes place. This is the primary energy source of the starwisp, making the creature a living fusion reactor. However, the actual usable energy output is limited as a large portion of the yield of energy is used to power the incredible electromagnetic forces that hold the starwisp's body together and allow it to move around.

The shell:

Just beyond her plasma body is typically a protective crystal shell completely encasing and protecting her body from the outside elements. The shell appears to be considered part of her body like an exoskeleton that she can disassemble and reassemble from its base rhombus diamond shaped facets at any time. Typically she only shifts a small number of facets out of the way if she needs to expose her plasma body for a task.

The shell is made mostly out of silicate (glass), and other trace elements. By itself the crystal material is translucent with a subtle iridescent effect. Solaria at will can create more of this material assuming the raw materials are available such as sand. This is normally to replace damaged facets of her shell but has been proven to have more practical uses in the glass and crystal work trade. (see paranormal ability: crystal crafting)


When needed, wispy white tendrils of light reach out from Solaria's body, even directly through her shell when manipulating large or heavy objects. The tendrils are often compared to looking like the tendrils of light found in plasma globes that skitter across the surface of the globe.

Tendrils appear to be insubstantial besides giving a slight electrical tingling sensation to those touching them. If something physically intercepts a tendril the far side of the tendril vanishes, dropping whatever was being manipulated. Solaria's tendrils have been seen to reach as far as 30 feet when focused, but normally only reach 15 feet.

To those with hyperspectral vision, can sense electrical and/or electromagnetic fields, or other special forms of vision, a second form of tendrils can be found. These tendrils that are invisible to the normal naked eye are countless and hair-thin, reaching out in all directions from Solaria's body. These tendrils like the larger visible versions skitter across all surfaces very quickly serving multiple purposes.

The main purpose, propulsion, these tendrils pull and push against surfaces giving the impression Solaria is floating but in reality, she is pushing off of the ground or grappling onto walls and other objects to hold her up. Her weight is so widely distributed that even snow isn't disturbed. However very fine dust may reveal strange patterns when Solaria passes over it. As such Solaria doesn't truly fly. Without anything nearby to climb Solaria can't 'fly' any higher than 30 feet from the ground.

The second purpose is providing Solaria a sense of 'feel' around herself, helping keep track of the physical world around herself.

The last purpose of these tendrils is that these are what create Solaria's telekinetic field. Allowing her to lift objects, orbit objects around herself, or orbit herself around other objects and people. The visible large tendrils are actually dense versions of these tendrils when they need to pack close together to lift an object with a small surface area or done intentionally for the benefit of others seeing where she is 'reaching'. This also plays a major part in making Solaria's illusions appear to be solid. (see supernatural abilities: Holographic illusions)

Other Forms

See CS for all forms


Solaria has gained many titles over her long life, officially she is dubbed the Starwisp of Illusion due to her unique skill set and abilities. She's far from the only starwisp able to create illusionary effects, but she's one of the very best; especially since she can wield both light and dark effects together to create complete illusions with detailed contrasts and depth that normally require multiple starwisps working together to achieve.

Although Solaria is most known for her illusion abilities, among her species she's famous for an entirely different reason. She is a deviant and unpredictable in a generally good way. Solaria is the first member of the starwisp species to truly interact with organic life.

Long ago a young starwisp was lost and separated from its collective. Out of desperation and loneliness it looked for anything that even remotely resembled the electrical activity of another starwisp and made a wonderful mistake that forever changed the species. Out of pure chance it managed to establish a mental connection with a living creature. It took decades to decipher the strange signals as the wispling grew up alongside her organic companion learning utterly alien concepts to the starwisp collective. Vision, music, emotion, playing, remorse, ethics, touch, love, and much more. The wispling awakened by this new knowledge and understanding eventually named itself/herself Solaria.

Eventually, Solaria found her collective and naturally linked back up to the hive-mind. The things she shared shook the entire collective. Some call it the 'great awakening', others however deemed her corrupted and broke all connections to Solaria and any other starwisp that adopted her ideas causing the collective to split into the two that exist today, the 'free', and the 'pure' collectives.


Solaria comes from many, many, previous worlds having roamed the multiverse for multiple lifetimes having to adapt as the laws of each reality twist and modify her upon entry to follow the local rules of physics and metaphysics.

Her previous two realities was one that bordered another reality she seldom speaks of, and before that a reality named Eileadora, an unstable bubble of space and time that consisted of a large island that randomly travelled from reality to reality like a ship lost at sea in the multiverse.

Solaria's true original reality is now far, far away across many spokes and wheels of universes. She is however not entirely alone, her collective split in two a long time ago over a dispute of the ways Solaria and other similar starwisps adapted and changed upon discovering organic life, adjusting to understand the world as people and creatures see it. This caused a significant divide in the race creating two separate collectives. The 'free' and the 'pure'. Solaria and the free Starwisp collective explore the multiverse, however Solaria has her own additional objective pursing her soulmate that caused the original awaking event in the first place. Wherever Solaria goes, her collective tends to eventually follow one way or another.


Social chameleon

Despite Solaria&#39

Crystal crafting

Using her natural ability as a starwisp, Solaria can manufacture items made out of glass or crystal so long as she has the raw materials and sufficient energy available. Unlike a traditional glass blower, Solaria can effectively 3D print any shape she can imagine using a combination of her TK field. She has practised and honed this skill to make practical items ranging from dishware, to jewellery, to simple weapons.

Acting, performance, and trickery

Using her power of creating holographic illusions Solaria is well practised in fundamental acting, performing, and slight of hand tricks. She makes full use of her illusions to both entertain friends and fool enemies.


Mind games and tricks

Solaria isn&#39

Average Staff/Quarterstaff training

Solaria has average training in the use of a staff as a weapon. Her training is focused around disabling or wearing down her target rather than mortally wounding them. She&#39


See CS for powers

Starwisps - What are they?

Starwisps are plasma-silicon based lifeforms. Besides the crystal shell some starwisps wear, the rest of their solid body isn&#39

Starwisps - Species origin

Starwisps are an Earthly species from an alternate reality in which their Earth has already experienced its place in the universe as if it were between year 8 to 9 billion. This excessively distant future is after the event around year 4.5 billion, the sun finally consumed the last of its hydrogen and expanded into a red giant star, swallowing up Mercury in the process (Venus would have already fallen into the sun millions of years prior.) Earth barely escaped getting swallowed up itself from its orbit, but the planet was utterly ravaged turning into a molten hellscape where no life remains.

At the 8 billion year mark the sun has shrunk down to a white dwarf star roughly the same size as the Earth itself. The sun during it&#39

Starwisp Lifecycle

The lifecycle of starwisps is very different from typical biological life. A typical starwisp might not ever truly experience death in the same way normal life does unless it is very unlucky.

The Start:

A wispling when born starts off roughly %50-60 the size of an adult starwisp. Wisplings like any newborns are a bit naive and confused, yet contain a large wealth of knowledge already having all the tools needed to survive, cooperate, and grow.

Although a wispling would prefer to grow up close to other starwisps in a hive, they are capable of surviving by themselves or in small groups.

Wisplings created by mated adult starwisps have attributes and abilities from their parents, but wisplings created by a Gaia (see below) starwisp are typically only born with the basic set of instincts and imprinted basic knowledge of the collective. Wisplings born from a Gaia starwisp are often dubbed &#39