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This article contains information from before The Great Migration

As such this article no longer contains relevant infomation to current play.
It is being preserved for legacy reading reasons only.
Categories: Old Infinitas

Bannockbuq is a small village, the furthest north in the Marsilion Metro Area. Set in a small parting of the Southern Forest, it is a small village with approximately 200 inhabitants, mostly humanoid.


Bannockbuq originally grew out of an inn and general store, known as Bannock's Rest, located in the forest for the benefits of miners traveling to and from the few safe areas of the Badlands. Some established homes around Bannock's Rest, and eventually the town became a small logging station, eventually clearing away enough of the "free cut" area of the forest to grow into a farming village. In accomplishing this, many of the early settlers formed strong bonds with the wanderers and druids that inhabited the southern forest, a strong bond which continues to this day.


The village is a large collection of half-timber houses and huts both inside and outside it's large, thick, wooden walls, which are made in a "half-palisade" construction. A ditch rounds the village complete with wooden stakes, giving it rudimentary protection. There is only one gatehouse, which is the only place where there is no ditch. Firing positions are placed along the ramparts for infantry.

Despite being constrained by walls, the village has surprising livelihood inside it, with a cross-shaped road big enough for horse travel and more than 50 structures inside the walls, with about 25 outside - mostly logging huts and storage for nonessentials. Bannock's Rest still exists at the center of this crossroad, providing lodging for those staying the night.

Culture and Everyday Life

Bannockbuq is a fairly poor, self-sufficient "fringe village". While the safety of the area they inhabit has gone up with the Marsilion Armed Forces taking a greater interest in the countryside (particularily the establishment of Airbase Guardian), the inhabitants are used to fending for themselves despite paying taxes to Marsilion. Many of the inhabitants are not registered for taxes and hold only loose affiliations with the government.

The people here are hardworking farmers and sons of toil, and have reason to distrust outsiders. While it can be difficult to gain their respect or admiration, they know who their friends are, and those that perform services for them are rarely if ever forgotten.