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Community Center
Categories: Food, Games And Activities, Location, Shelter, Social

The Community Center, oftern just called the CC for short, is a social network hub in Marsilion containing various facilities for leisure and social actives for the citizens. In times of crisis it also doubles as a shelter.

Business Database

For the business database please check out the Community Center.


Main Commons

A wide open area with ceiling extending to the high roof. Roof is a sun roof of thick and strong glass to allow natural light inside. Contains main desk and public mailboxes. Has access to all other areas except pools and workshop. Stairs to second story in the back. Front doors are large 15' tall automatic glass doors that slide apart.

Food Court

Adjacent to the commons. Contains tables and chairs of various sizes, and tables with floor mats for quads. Various food stands serving fast food around the place.

Food stands include but are not limited to the following


Adjacent to the food court. Short term child care, primarily for patrons with children using other parts of the facility at the time.

Weight Room

Contains various treadmills, bikes, barbells, and other exercise equipment.


Two separate indoor swimming pools. Family pool and adult pool respectively. Access from Locker Rooms

Locker Rooms

Rent-able lockers of various sizes. Lockers are rent-able on an hourly basis, maximum 12 hour sessions. Located between the pools, weight room, and gymnasium with access from the commons


Large gymnasium containing basketball hoops and elevated jogging track on the second story. Retractable bleachers in the walls for large assemblies.


Accessed from the outside in the back or through a hallway from the commons. Contains various wood and metal working tools for craft projects. Paid access only.

Meeting Rooms

Contained on the second floor over the weight rooms. There are five rooms which can be used for meetings, classes, parties, or what have you. They are free to use though may be rented in advance to reserve them for events.


The various administrative offices that run the CC. Employee lockers, scheduling, and so on. Located at the end of the upper hall over the locker rooms and adjacent halls.


Outside the CC are various basketball courts and a dirt jogging track, along with various picnic tables.


'Dates are provided in real world dates for reader's convenience.'

The community center was built in the late fall and early winter of 2015, during which time it functioned as a shelter from the transformative snow.

At the end of February 2016 the community was encased in ice. It was defrosted a day later though took some time for repairs.

A mysterious giant beanstalk grew in the middle of the food court in March 2017, resulting in damage to the center and closing the food court for several days.

The community center was used again as a shelter in April 2017 when the new moon shook up [Marsilion].

The community center was used as a shelter during hurican Alfren in June 2017/


In addition to normal daily equipment the community center has equipment for use as a shelter in times of need. Most of these are kept in its storehouses until needed. In addition the community center is outfitted with an emergency backup generator. When in use all non-essential power use is cut, and lights are run minimally. In this state, barring other influences, the generator can provide power for 48 hours. The generator runs on magical energy supplies from mages, it takes 48 hours of use to deplete these reserves.