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Zazzak's Rocket
This article contains information from before The Great Migration

As such this article no longer contains relevant infomation to current play.
It is being preserved for legacy reading reasons only.
Categories: Old Infinitas

Zazzak's Rocket was a small, sub-orbital unmanned rocket flight, launched in the summer of Year 85 by the combined efforts of local volunteer workers led by Zazzak and a governmental commission. The mission's goal was an attempt to penetrate the Fog and determine data about the world that Infinitas resides upon. The small rocket succeeded, making it to a sub-orbital trajectory, reaching a maximum altitude of approximately 112 miles and moving 400 miles East, setting the height, distance and speed records for any Infinitas made rocket.

History and Construction

In the spring of Year 85, a local technologically oriented member of the island, Zazzak, came into possession of certain advanced, salvaged materials, and approached the government with a plan to launch a sub-orbit flight to determine facts about the planet. With Zazzak's nanobots, a unique opportunity was about.

The rocket was approximately the size of a German V-2 bomb, designed to deliver a small probe to a sub-orbital trajectory. It was constructed over the course of 2 months with the aide of skilled metal worker, robotic precision machining, and nanobot fabrication for the electronics. The materials were primarily obtained from scrapped trade union equipment and a jumbo-jet that had landed on the island not too long previously.


The probe discovered the far edge of the fog, several small nearby islets with no sign of habitation, and 1 or 2 distant foggy areas, possibly housing other inhabited islands, but not enough data was gathered to determine that. More importantly, it gave an accurate size measurement of the planet, an important detail for any future attempts at orbit.

This caused a small stir in the local media, but the poor quality of the transmission led it to be disbelieved by some. Nevertheless, the government's official position is that the transmission was clear enough, and that other islands were discovered. Further expeditions have been planned and launched, but so far each of them have been stymied by the same problems other expeditions have had penetrating the fog.


Zazzak expressed his hope to get a proper orbital probe launched, one with facilities to map the world and possibly try and attempt radio contact with any other islands that might host technological civilizations. Other members of the community also attempted to start building rockets, very slowly, and amateur expeditions and sensory equipment being set up for the fog were at an all time high throughout Year 85, despite the war.