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Marsilion Public Library
Categories: Location

The Marsilion public library is a relatively large building located towards the city center. It has high ceilings for atmosphere and uses much wood work on the interior architecture. The building has 3 wings, two of which are the library. The third wing is a meeting/conference room that can be rented out for a nominal fee. The two library wings are connected directly to each other and to the management/checkout counter. The wings are divided to fiction in one wing, and non-fiction in the other, with a few salvaged computers in each wing. There is a central computer managed by a low level AI Seed that allows access to a reasonably sized number of electronic documents, from E-books to programs found on hard drives or produced locally.

The non-fiction section consists of various reference and history books. Notably, they have a small selection of donated magic books available for borrowing. Religious texts are located separately from the fiction and non fiction shelves, as some of them were actual historical documents and whatnot in some worlds. They also have a separate shelf for recent editions of the Herald and other local news sources, like magazines and public reports, as well as a full archive both in hard copies and digitally available.

They accept volunteer work doing things like restocking the shelves, scanning in books for digital reference, and helping keep the facilities clean.

Yuurei's mainframe is in the basement, and stores a good deal of volumes. She also serves as an encyclopedia, wide-ranging dictionary, and research material that users can access from a terminal. She also serves as a host to a mesh computer network hosted from the library, and encourages essays, writings, and other materials created by locals to update her system.