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Veteran Lock
Airbase Guardian
This article contains information from before The Great Migration

As such this article no longer contains relevant infomation to current play.
It is being preserved for legacy reading reasons only.
Categories: Old Infinitas

Established during the early buildup of the Marsilion Armed Forces after the rise of the Democratic Government of Marsilion, Airbase Guardian serves as the home and headquarters of the Marsilion Air Force. Located near the Badlands and the upper extreme of the of the Marsilion Metro Area in order to provide optimal coverage, Airbase Guardian also hosts two companies of the Marsilion Army, who launch frequent anti-banditry patrols of the Badlands and the area around the airbase.

In wartime, the base serves as a barrier to Mage forces attempting to come over the Badlands or through the sea to the east of the isle.