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Magic Materials
Categories: Magic, Materials, Setting

On infinitas, a large number of strange and exotic materials are drawn from the boundless expanse of the multiverse. Some are familiar to us, such as the chemical elements we have here on earth. Others have magical or alien properties. This article will describe several such materials.


Nethicite is a crystalline material which blocks almost all kinds of magical energy from passing through it. It is formed by taking a suitable crystalline material, melting it down, then recrystallizing it as a new lattice while specific magical fields are exposed to it as the crystal is drawn.

When finished, nethicite appears like slightly tinted glass, with a Mohs hardness of 8. Its uses frequently include magical isolation, noise protection, and as a focus for some types of anti-magic charms. A container of it can be used to store powerful magical artifacts where they won't start affecting the environment or people around it.

Activated nethicite is nethicite grown with considerable exposure to Magic of the Negative Energy domain. It produces a field beyond itself which actively cancels out magic. It can be harnessed to create powerful anti-magic charms, or to create spaces in which magical spells do not function.


Aetheryte is a similar crystalline material, created of pure, solidified magical energy. It can be used to store aspected or unaspected energy, and even when drained, the physical crystal remains, feeling lighter than when it is full. If treated right, it can be recharged with spells, or simply by sitting in a place with ambient magical energy for a long enough time.

Aetheryte is frequently used in the construction of magical devices and enchantments, as it can prove a steady source of magic, and can serve as the node for a spell that might otherwise have to be filled by a full-time sorcerer.

Fountain of Youth (FOY) water

A fluid of water which has been magically infused with life energies, which can restore youth to those who are exposed to it. The amount of age one can regress varies with the dosage and strength of the water, as does the length of time such changes last. Permanent restoration of youth is possible, but is an expensive process.