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The Court of the Crimson Sun

The Court of the Crimson Sun

Nature: Minor Fey Court
Leader: Queen Vandella; Anthro Gazelle shapeshifter
Type of organization: Fey monarchy
Brief description:
In the feywilds of the new world is a lesser court known at the Court of the Crimson Sun. It was formed many ages ago by the Queen Vandella, whom has ruled uninterrupted since. In the feywilds the court is established at the castle atop of the Savannah Hill.

The hill has five levels to it; each a flat concentric ring which extends upwards in a step-like manner, with the castle in its center, where the queen and the court live. The terrain in her realm is that of an African savannah, which is reflected partially in the differences of creatures that live here. Centaurs for instance usually have the lower bodies of wilderbeests; Satyrs that of Antelopes; Elves tend to have more feline-esque builds to them, with tufted ears and so on.

In addition to the regular assortment of other fey creatures, one can find lions, hyenas and other similar savannah animals within this environment. Some are almost identical to their overworld counter parts; others are more fantastically altered. A lot of it is chaotic and varied in lands such as the Feywilds.

Brief History / Timeline:

Vandella keeps her parentage and bloodline secret. It is known that while she has allegiances to the summer court, the depth of those promises are not as much as one would expect from a bloodline relative, suggesting only a distant relation at best. Though relations remain cordial, it is clear she chose Savannah Hill partially out of the desire to keep distance â₠http“ both physically and metaphorically from the seelie courts, especially as her eyes and ears are sharply attuned to the overworld on the far side of the natural gateway that is part of her castle.

Though the court grew as time ebbed on, it faced its major existential challenge when the demon invasions began from the other end, which devastated the courtâ₠http™s population before it could be successfully repelled. Faced with a horde of demons at the door, a wall was created to seal the gate as best as possible. Though occasional incursions did end up causing problems, for the next however many centuries, they were kept under control from there. Though the kingdom â₠http“ and feywild on the whole â₠http“ suffered raids from the Demon occasionally, it began to recover.

However, control has a way to decay over time and cracks began to form in the seal. Eventually a second demon invasion was imminent, much to the dismay of the court, whom considered leaving their kingdom altogether and fleeing to the summer court. Hope came in the form of the most unusual inter-planar breach, which deposited a lone, leonine figure in the central halls of the court. This figure was Mittens, whom had come in from Infinitas as part of its major migrant crisis.

The audience between Vandella and Mittens was a surprisingly pleasant affair; the pair taking a liking to each other. The situation though tense, only acted as a catalyst for their relation. Vandella required aid and protection â₠http“ and Mittens, a guardian beast with his A.I. Marie and the extensive cybernetic augmentations was the perfect candidate as a guardian that would lead her beleaguered army to drive back the demons.

The ensuing battle was fierce â₠http“ but ultimately successful thanks to Marieâ₠http™s strategic planning and Mittensâ₠http™ combat expertise. It helped that the demons could not effectively use their mind altering spells on either, thanks to the failsafes provided by the ghost-rider module. The combination of advanced technology, planning and Fey magic was enough to drive back the demons from the portal and in millennia once more establish a foot hold â₠http“ however temporary â₠http“ in the overworld.

Vandella and Mittens then met and discussed. Mittens did not desire to live in the Feywild, but sought to serve Vandella at least and protect her, while Vandella in turn sought to once more have a way to visit the Overworld. The two struck a bargain that has withstood the test of time since then.

Vandella created a scent, that would permeate into the Feywild and out into the Savannah regions of the world. The scent would spread out and draw into the kingdom the lions and lionesses of the world, urging them on. These individuals would become uplifted, joining Mittens as he established a tribe in the overworld â₠http“ one that would help seal the barrier and establish a line of defense between the demons and the crimson court.

The agreement initially worked well. The surge of lions and lionesses that wandered into the court, were changed and then joined the pride was enormous, topping out at a good 2,000 strong set of individuals. The initial population surge was enough to establish a proper fighting force both inside and outside the feywild, while also creating a stable enough population to establish the town of Bastilleâ₠http™s Wall, which was built around the gate and became the front line against the Demons.

Over time, they were steadily pushed back â₠http“ but relations became strained when it was discovered that the Fey court had not only recruited the wilder elements of the over world into its cause. Humans and other individuals had been tricked or in some cases coerced into joining the tribes. These individuals were forcefully transformed into lions or other large felines and had no real recourse to escape once they realized what they had gotten into. This greatly upset Marie especially and the resulting argument with Vandella resulted in a rift between the lions and the Fey.

While all the lions were beholden to their promises thanks to the Fey magic, they were still loyal to Mittens as part of it. It was a stalemate and the demons nearly threatened to overrun all defenses for a while. Fortunately, after nearly three decades of negotiation and constant work, the trio of Mittens, Vandella and Marie came to a hard fought agreement.

The contract slash deal would be amended, allowing for two things: an exit clause to allow those to break free from the fey influence with enough effort and to give all control of recruitment in the Overworld to the tribeâ₠http™s Emissaries, whom would have authority to recruit on various â₠http˜tiersâ₠http™ to the contract. The queen could still recruit as she wished, by whatever measures she so desired, to whatever extent she wished â₠http“ but only in the Feywild.

This division allowed a semblance of control over the process and peace reigned once more. Mittens and Marie focused on running the tribes in the overworld and though they maintained a warm relation with Vandella, it has been one punctuated with wariness thanks to learning the lessons of the Fey courts the hard way.

After Mittenâ₠http™s â₠http˜deathâ₠http™ and the split up of the Tribes, relations between the Ucharans and the Court cooled and has remain a more professional affair between the queen and the chosen Champion of Bastille Wall, whom acts as the representative between the three tribes and the court. Though the alliance exists, it is a tenuous one at best.

Profile: Queen Vandella

A powerful Fey lord, Vandella is different from her many counterparts in that she has a sharply curious mind drawn towards the Overworld. While her contemporaries may indulge in unbridled hedonism, she is more focused more towards study and understanding. She pursues this with an almost ruthless and fanatical devotion, her research of magic and the â₠http˜boredomâ₠http™ of the Overworld often driving strange and unusual experiments at the cost of her subjects.

In terms of rulership, she does so with an iron fist from afar, ensuring her advisors follow her whims while she remains undisturbed in her research. In direct administration, she is not fair as Vandella focuses on her own self-interests first; but she is not cruel either, often providing some compromise or consolation to those she may wrong.

Strangely, she is also a fan of pomp and circumstance, preferring lavish rituals and complicated court affairs â₠http“ partially to entertain the courtesans and ministers, partially for her own enjoyment and revelry. This however does mean that those that do not obey the rules of the court and defile her proceedings tend to suffer the brunt of her anger.

The Courts

Inner Circle / Palace
Vandella and her innermost advisors, whom consist of the following:
Rasha Mahir - Ucharan advisor; female anthro lion â₠http“ acts as commander of the small Ucharan contingent in the feywild
Rezil â₠http“ male centaur â₠http“ aloof, with a rather hedonistic streak. Keeps a calm head on all things.
Sasha â₠http“ female satyr â₠http“ keen eyed and observant, can be sadistically cruel at times if it helps the inner circle.
Kallas â₠http“ male elf â₠http“ powerful court wizard / druid hybrid. More concerned with balance to the land and ensuring the queenâ₠http™s studies do not get out of hand. Often cleans up her mistakes.
+2 more â₠http“ need to think on them.

The Noble Circle
A gaggling of differnet species and nobles with great magical power invested in them by the Queen. Generally hedonistic, not caring much on things but can be of various temperments.

The Chakra

The more military arm of the court of the crimson sun. Established with a proper doctrine and pattern with Mittens/Marieâ₠http™s help a thousand years ago. Stalward core of troops of all types including the Ucharan contingent with a dedicated chain of command that reports straight to the queen.

The Fey of the Crimson Court

The â₠http˜ordinaryâ₠http™ denizens of the land, ranging from pixies to satyrs and everyone else that lives in the minor court. Features Savannah versions of the regular fey creatures as well as savannah creatures. Hyenas, lions, leapards, vultures etc.

The outsiders

The outsiders stay in the outer most ring of Savannah hill and as the name implies is where those not directly related to the court stay. Visitors from other courts, visitors from the Overworld, etc all live here unless summoned inside. Also acts to an extent as the border between the Crimson Court and the Feywild.

Gateways into the Crimson Court:

The crimson court has many potential gateways into it â₠http“ the most permanent one is the Savannah hill gateway upon which the court is built. This gateway is sealed on both sides with powerful magics and mechanisms and is furthermore guarded by Ucharans on both sides. The only people that can go through this is the Champion of Bastille (who can take a small contingent with him)

From the Feywild, if one is able to arrange the four savannah vultures to land on the same tree branch, they will be instantly teleported into the Crimson Court. Alternatively, they may be able to follow a lion, hyena or other savannah bush animal as they wander back towards the court.

Other entrances may exit, but are likely to be rare and done on a case by case basis.