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The Thirteen Dragons of the Spire

The following is the excerpt of the half-dragon Priest of Bahamut, Asmodias from the Tower located to the North-East of Marsillion.

This tower was built by the great Wyrm Azathan, upon the southern bluff of All-Clan's Isle. It rests as a monument to the God Bahamut and Azathan's dedication to it, blessed as he was by the Lesser Dragon God's grace.

It inherited it's neutral ground from that of All Clan's Isle and welcomes all dragons, regardless of the colors of their scales and whom they may worship. Over time, it has played host to many dragons - some of whom were passing from different planes but wished to seek refuge under Bahamut's grace.

When the great rift appeared and took us, thirteen dragons were resting upon the tower, along with myself and many other vassals. Faced with a new land and no way to return to their original plane, the thirteen dragons debated on what to do next. There were many discussions and disagreements, before they scattered across the wilds. All of us vassals remained here in this tower for the sake of safety given the demons that roamed outside.

The thirteen dragons that came within this tower are as follows:

[Azathan The Holy]: The oldest of the dragons within the tower, Azathan elected to remain here. An ancient wyrm at the end of his life, Azathan's hoarde remained below this tower. Seeing that his duty was done, he fell into a deep dragon sleep atop of it and went past the 12th stage to become a guardian of this land and the tower. It is his spirit now that I feel which has become part of this land - the flickers of which I can still see in the occasional flame. It is his spirit that keeps this tower safe - even as it rearranges and changes it's contents in time.

Valtheyal The Curious: A young male Brass dragon, native to Blood isles

Mirrden the Illustrious: Young female silver dragon, native to Blood isles

Ce'chan the Raging: young female red dragon, from unknown plane

Qa'wa'thar: young male void dragon, from Golarion

Myrgeorth The Gentle: young male silver dragon, from Faerun

Ijjouti: young female imperial sea dragon, from Golarion

Darvashu the Cunning: young male white dragon, native to Blood isles

Nihilanth the Panopticon: young male crystal dragon, native to Blood Isles

Rogen of the Whispering Brook: young male emerald dragon, from Faerun

Fraymminu Champion Of The Green: young female green dragon, native to Blood Isles

Brivrynted The Voiceless One: Young male copper dragon, from unknown plane.

Ogryn of the Hidden Flame: Ogryn had a great disagreement with Valtheyal and Azathan

((to be continued))