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The Ashoka Tribe

The Ashoka Tribe
Population: 1,000
Leader: Barbur

The Ashoka tribe rests in the centre of the Ucharan kingdom, their town right behind that of Bastille Wall and holding the largest number of Ucharans in the region. A very militaristic society, they have ideals based on strength, honor and valor proven in combat. The rough equivalent one may get is Sparta, though one with a bit less forced Darwinism.

Where others may be focused on tradition and study, they are a keen-edged sword that serves primarily the crimson court and the purpose with which they were brought in the world: to fight demons. Over time though this sometimes degenerates into just a culture that loves to fight and engage in skirmishes; often coming to blows with their rivals and those they see as threats.

Members of the tribe tend to be wary towards foreigners, especially those that are not feline or have no connection to the crimson court. Still, they follow the rules laid down by Mittens and Marie and will grudgingly offer hospitality. One may be hard-pressed to find much to get though as unlike the other tribes, they tend to live in much more primitive conditions, barely being above iron age in technology.

The tribe is led by a single king or queen, whom controls the entire village with an iron fist. Succession in the tribe is a bloody affair. When the old ruler becomes weak, he is forced to abdicate. What follows is three weeks of ritualistic combat, where those in his inner circles compete in order to gain his position. Only the strongest survive through all three weeks, earning the title through blood, sweat and tears.

â₠http¢ Least friendly towards foreigners
â₠http¢ Most friendly towards the crimson court
â₠http¢ Most number of front-line fighters with great passive magics
â₠http¢ Most reliance on the crimson court for active magic
â₠http¢ Most feral members
â₠http¢ Lowest technology base.